Terms and Conditions


§ 1 Identity and address

Fabitasia GmbH
Kirchacherstrasse 9
8608 Bubikon

e-mail: info@fabitasia-cards.ch

§ 2 Contract

1. The products on this website are presented as a non-committal online-catalog, there is no binding invitation.

2. After placing an order, an e-mail with the confirmation of the order will be sent. This confirmation contains all informations of the purchase and is a binding contract.

§ 3 Privacy Policy

1. Customer data will not be passed to third parties.

2. Addresses will only be used to contact the customer and ship out the goods.

§ 4 Prices

1. If nothing was written down in the product description, the price stated is related to 1 piece of the respective product.

2. The prices stated on this website are total prices. They contain all components such as taxation. Not included are the shipping and delivery costs.

§ 5 Shipment and Delivery

1. Shipping takes place through Swiss Post.

2. Shipping is only possible within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

3. The shipping costs does contain processing, packaging and postage costs. It is based on the weight of the goods and will get calculated and added automatically to the final price during check out.

4. Picking up the goods yourself is possible. In this case there are no shipping costs.

§ 6 Payment

1. The only accepted payment is in advance, there is no bill payment. The goods won't get shipped out until the payment arrives.

2. For the payment option bank transfer, all necessary informations will get mailed to the customer with the confirmation of the order.

3. By choosing the payment option PayPal, the customer will get forwarded to the PayPal-Chechout. By choosing the payment method PayPal, an additional 4% fee will be added to the total amount.

4. By choosing the payment option TWINT, the customer will get the needed information for the TWINT payment. By choosing the payment method TWINT, an additional 1,3% fee will be added to the total amount.

5. It is possible to use a payment slip and pay at the post office. By doing this the customer has to add another 2.50 CHF on top of the total price due to post fees. The payment still needs to be done in advance. There is no way of sending the goods and including a bill for later payment.

6. If you pick up the goods yourself you can pay cash directly at the pickup. If a pickup cannot be done within 7 days after placing the order, we can cancel the order according to §6.7.

7. If a payment does not arrive within 7 days after placing the order we can cancel the order. This does also apply on pre orders, no matter the duration until the release of the article.

8. Payments that come in after the order got canceled will get refunded.

§ 7 Warranty and responsibility

1. Fabitasia GmbH only sells consumption goods, therefore, warranty demandings can only be placed on defects that are directly lead back to the products manufacturing.

2. Excluded are small production errors where the manufacturer itself denys the liability.

3. There is no possible warranty demanding at any time on damages that are caused by the usage of the goods, even if the usage was in the range of normality.

4. All goods presented in this shop contain swallowable small parts and are therefore not suitable for kids under the age of 3 years.

5. Fabitasia GmbH is only liable for intentionally and negligently breaches of duty. Fabitasia GmbH can not be made liable for any kind of issues or damaged befalling to the customer that were not a result of either the manufacturing or the delivery of the goods. As far as the liability of Fabitasia GmbH is limited or out of question, it also applies to the execution assistences breaches of duty.

6. For preorders there is at no point an amount guarantee, because we can be affected by shortenings or cancellations from our suppliers as well. In these cases we have the right to also shorten or cancel preorders, any liability is rejected.

§ 8 Retention of title

1. Until the payment is completed, the goods stay in the possession of Fabitasia GmbH.

§ 9 Withdrawal

1. Customers can withdraw an unpaid order within 7 days after placing it.

2. Already paid order cannot be cancelled.

3. After the withdrawal deadline there is no possibility of revoking the purchase. As for preorders, delays or quantity deductions have no influence on this.

4. A withdrawal has to be in written form.

§ 10 Correction of typing errors

1. Both contract parties have the right of contract termination in case there happend an obvious typing error. Errors that are in the range of plausibility can not be used as a reason for a contract termination.

§ 11 Exchange and taking back

1. Both, exchange and taking back, are impossible.

2. Exceptions are goods in there original packaging that are not protected against withdrawl by § 9.3 as well as damaged goods according to § 7.

§ 12 Language

1. German and English are the possible languages to make the contract.

§ 13 Conditions validity

1. With placing an order, the customer automatically agrees with the terms and conditions.

2. Valid for the contract are the terms and conditions at the time the order was placed.